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We are a non-profit foundation committed to help improve the lives of those suffering from Environmental Illness (EI), including Chemical Sensitivity (CS), Electrical Sensitivity (ES) & Sick building Syndrome (SBS) .
Environmental Illness is a chronic complex multi-organ illness, characterized by symptoms attributed to a single massive chemical exposure, or repeated low level exposure to toxic chemicals and other irritants in the environment, such as TOXIC MOLD. The overexposure leaves the body CHEMICALLY & ELECTRICALLY SENSITIVE to everyday chemicals that cause recurring symptoms from low level triggers. It can happen anywhere in your own home, workplace or school. It strikes without regard to age, race, gender, or economic background.

Low level triggers include: perfumes, cleaning products, laundry detergents, car exhaust, freshly printed materials, formaldehyde, glues, synthetic fabrics, latex, air fresheners, second hand smoke, wood burning stoves, wet paint, soaps, new clothes and furniture, mold, food additives and preservatives, natural gas, hairspray, deodorant, suntan lotion and more.
 What Triggers Symptoms?
The symptoms include: short term memory loss, poor concentration, severe disorientation, seizures, respiratory problems, headaches (usually severe), rashes, muscle spasms, weakness, chronic fatigue, poor circulation, electrical sensitivity ES, allergies, dizziness, nausea, chest pains, gastrointestinal problems, muscle and joint pain, irritability and mood swings, loss of muscle control, heightened senses, and countless others. Not every patient experiences all of these symptoms; they vary from one person to the next. It depends on the particular trigger, and the intensity of the concentration.
Those who suffer wind up being unable to use most public places: theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, work places, libraries and city streets. All these facilities use chemicals
that are dangerous for their health and cause recurring symptoms. 
 About Environmental Illness:
 Who are the Environmentally Ill?
 Why Do We Stay Secluded?
Foundation's Goal:
​​The Foundation will strive to make possible the healthy home that is the critical first step to regaining health and a productive life for those afflicted with Chemical Sensitivity & 
Electrical sensitivity (Environmental Illness). By increasing awareness and understanding, the foundation's hope is to engage family and friends to support their loved ones. 
Those exposed to everyday chemicals and irritants in the environment. Forced out of society and desperately trying to find a safe tolerable environment in which to live. Trapped in a world of pain and deemed disabled, losing careers, marriages and family support. Many are forced to live on porches, 
in cars, in tents, and under the stars...HOMELESS. Lives seem hopeless, some turning to suicide.
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  A Clean Air Home is the Critical First Step to Regaining Health


Phone # ( 609-926-0133 )

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