Many farmers are going back to the old way of farming. They are starting to use regular seed again, rather than genetically modified grain that was supplied by the government. Farmers were fearful of making this move, because it has been known to cause them to lose their land. For those who aren’t familiar with GMOs, let me explain. Regular seed produces crops that generate more seed which the farmers can harvest, and use the next year. It basically produces a never ending supply of fertile seed. The government took control however, and forced growers two use grain that would only yield plants one time. The seed that would be produced from the existing plants, would be infertile causing the farmers to have to purchase a new supply the following year. It completely goes against nature, and forces farmers to be slaves to the system.

industrial farms

Some rebellious ones decided that they were going to buy their own seed no matter what. Unfortunately what happens in this situation, is that they are shut down by any means necessary in such a way that it sends a message to the rest of the farming community. It is a way to keep everyone in line and dependent on the government and the big business behind it. With such dramatic measures, many farmers have sold their land and given up the family business. Property that had been in their family for generations is suddenly lost due to big corporation control.
There is hope however. Many countries are moving away form GMO use. This is usually instigated by the people who refuse to eat GMO products. They realize several dangers of their continued use. One, is that the seeds are pesticide resistant. That means more pesticides can be used to keep the insects from eating the plants. This produces a higher yield, but basically laces the food with poison. Many communities have said no to this initiative, and demand regular produce. The United States has not joined the ranks of these groups, but hopefully they will in the future.

gmo protest